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Wellness Practioners*

SHAPE® Wellness Practitioners are committed to providing size-affirmative care for your health and body without size or weight-based discrimination.  The locations offer an inclusive and safe space all body types without the expectation to change size or weight to achieve or pursue health.   If you are interested in being a resource, please contact us.

Providence Community Acupuncture

PCA is committed to providing quality, affordable acupuncture to our entire community and welcome people of all bodies and sizes to use acupuncture to work towards their own health goals.  Access for as many people as possible is our highest priority, and so we work to create a size-affirming space. 


At PCA, family, friends, and neighbors find themselves napping together as they work towards common goals of better health, less pain, and relief from stress.PCA exists to create social change in healthcare and to provide Rhode Island with a whole lot of acupuncture. 

PCA provides sliding scale acupuncture in a peaceful group setting, and charge a sliding scale of $15 to $35 per session.  You choose what you pay, no questions asked.

Bridget Bourne: Reiki, Reflexology, & IET

Bridget is a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner, attuned in Usui Reiki, with a practice at Keystone Family Acupuncture in Providence.  She is also an IET practitioner and reflexologist. Bridget explores spirituality and brings emotional and physical healing as well as intuitive messages during reiki treatments. Distance treatments are available, as well as pet reiki.

Bridget's community work includes implementing a reiki for animals program at the Providence Animal Rescue League to provide relief of stress andanxiety to sheltered animals, and she also served on the Board of Directors of Tourette Syndrome Association of Rhode Island.

Bridget is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment for anyone who enters in order to help promote healing and relaxation. She has always lived in a larger body, and offers a judgement free, thoughtful and understanding space to support her clients and students needs and comfort.  Bridget is so happy to be able to help bring healing, happiness and empowerment to others as they find and continue on their path of wellness.

As if that is not enough! Bridget is a certified psychic tarot card reader, intuitive angel card reader, and Bridget has been certified by Hay House Author Denise Linn as a Gateway Dream Coach.


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