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SHAPEcenterRI® lists local therapists and counselors who understand the value of size-diversity and the effects of diet-culture on a body, mind, and spirit to join our resource collective.  Browse through the list below to find someone that work s for you and then contact them directly.

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Contact Krista

Krista is only able to support clients who get primary care through the Size-inclusive Health Care intitiative at Thundermist Health Center. 
Krista is social-justice oriented and believes cultural, environmental, and social influences are key to understanding relationships with ourselves and others.
She works from a client-centered, holistic perspective, and uses the Health at Every Size® approach (HAES).  She works with diverse individuals and couples who are seeking non-judgmental, culturally competent, radically inclusive care.  Krista is a weight-inclusive, body-accepting practitioner, which means she accepts you, in your body, as it is today,  and that health is available at every size.  HAES® is an evidenced-based, size-affirmative, weight-neutral approach to health and acceptance for all. 

Krista is certified in child and adolescent trauma-informed care. She is an expert on the impact of weight stigma on health across the lifespan. She works with people to overcome the affects of body/size/weight based bullying, social isolation, and discrimination, including adolescents & young adults, LGBTQQI, and people living in different sized bodies.


Size-Inclusive Health Care

Primary Care and Behavioral Health

Contact Thundermist


*Please note, you must receive primary care at Thundermist to access therapy.

Size-Inclusive Health Care (SIH) focuses on the overall health and wellness of people of all sizes. SIH understands the impact weight stigma has on a person’s physical and mental health. The Size-Inclusive Health Team includes primary care physicians, therapy/behavioral health and provides high-quality patient-centered compassionate health care that values each person’s lived experience. Together, we will move away from weight as a measure of health. We will move towards body acceptance and create goals to enhance health of any body size, shape, or weight.
Click here to learn more about Size-Incluisve Health Care initiative.




Contact Lily

Lily is taking new clients.
I am a body positive therapist who respects body diversity and supports clients to nurture their health independent of weight or size. I help clients move toward listening to body cues to nourish their bodies with enjoyable foods and pleasurable movement. I love being a therapist. I consider it a great privilege and honor to be invited into people’s lives in times of struggle and vulnerability. When I work with clients my hope is that they will leave our sessions feeling respected, understood, validated, accepted, and with less distress and more hope. 
I am an artist and I use my creative training to tailor the therapy experience to each client’s unique needs, fluidly shifting focus between emotions, thoughts, and actions or behaviors. I see all feelings as purposeful, providing information about needs. I consider most problems to be attempts at solutions that are not yielding the intended results. I work from a strengths-based perspective looking to amplify and build on what clients are already doing that works and to uncover yet-to-be-accessed abilities and solutions.

I work with clients of all races, ethnicities, religions, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities, body sizes, and abilities. I take a stand against prejudice and the oppression of members of marginalized groups.


I am currently taking clients, please contact me to make an appointment or learn more about my approach.



Marshall Concha


Contact Nicole

Nicole is not taking new clients.
Hello! My name is Nicole and I have been in the mental health field for over 17 years. I want you to know that you are a whole lot more than your problems and that there is always hope. I am a very good listener, I am patient, and I love a good laugh! I consider myself to be sensitively direct and I believe it is very important to be transparent and genuine. I will pace things according to your comfort and readiness, though I will also challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, otherwise nothing will change! The primary indicator for success in therapy is a positive, strong connection with your therapist, so I always encourage feedback- even if it's to say that something isn't working for you- because above all else, I am here for you.

My specialties include disordered eating, self-esteem, body image, anxiety, depression, trauma, and abuse. I utilize Intuitive and Mindful Eating, HAES, DBT, Mindfulness-Based CBT, IFS, ACT, and FCT. I also provide life and career coaching, parenting skills, and meditation teachings, and I am always open to new ideas. In addition to my work as an outpatient therapist, I co-founded Reframe, an online coaching, education, and advocacy service that provides an alternative to the diet and weight-loss mentality that has pervaded our culture and made us all sicker. There is another way! To learn more about how to finally make peace with food and your body, check us out:  .
I look forward to meeting you!
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Donn Cristo


Contact Stacy

Stacy is taking new clients. 


Stacy's passion is to live an authentic life and assist others in doing so as well.  She believes it is in the body that we can find our authentic path.  (W)holistic is the umbrella under which Stacy houses the many modalities: psychotherapy, mind body connective work, and lifestyle design, that help us to live as authentic and empowered beings.

As a (w)holistic psychotherapist,  Stacy builds relationships of care and trust to support and enrich your life. If you are interested in personal growth and deep healing, whether it is from discovering a diagnosis of some kind, childhood traumas, or phase-of-life problems, she will work with you to find meaning, purpose, skills, and deep healing.  Stacy believes it is the mind, body and spirit that makes us human.

Stacy Donn Cristo has been practicing independently for over ten years as a holistic psychotherapist and lifestyle coach. She is passionate about assisting others in finding and living their authentic life with courage and grace.

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