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Consultation, Education, & Advocacy

SHAPE® consultation, education and advocacy resources support organizations to create, enhance, and include size-affirmative perspectives and reduce weight-bias in schools, workplace, healthcare, and more.  


Consultation, Training, Education, & Advocacy

Krista Handfield, MSW

Krista provides guidance to small businesses, corporations, and organizations as they develop and refine plans for their business or workplace to be more inclusive of diverse experiences and reduce unintentional weight-bias.  Krista focuses on positive work culture as the foundation to customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, employee wellness, and productivity.  Krista also consults on research initiatives, academic curriculum, and is available for training and educational presentations.


Some areas of consultation include:

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Educational Curriculum

  • Approach to healthcare

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Facilities or physical plant development

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Fitness


“Culture eats strategy for lunch” – Peter Drucker. 


Krista’s approach is rooted in conscious leadership and culture. A conscious leader brings out the best in their team by modeling acceptance and recognition of their team's values and contributions.  A conscious culture fosters connection, purpose, and trust through inclusive practices and cultural humility.


Krista’s has a master in social work, and is an educator and conscious leader.  Krista is a Health At Every Size® practitioner with experience in health equity project management, small business development, event planning, corporate leadership, fitness for all, and workplace wellness.

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Youth education, empowerment, and engagement.

Chariho Youth Task Force

Chariho Youth Task Force mission is to educate, empower, and engage young people in order to create a sense of community, promote wellness, and to sustain opportunity for those voices to be heard. They are a youth founded and led organization with national recognition.


Chariho has a body-positive campaign "Every body is Beautiful." They support youth to learn to love their bodies for what they are - a tool. A tool that allows us to walk, to run, to dance, to do all the things we love. Let's thrive, celebrate, and appreciate!​


They envision that one day all young people will have a seat at the table of their choosing, that we can create a community driven toward wellness, and ultimately sustain and grow the passions that lay within us all.  


Over the past 10 years Chariho Youth Task Force worked to change the culture around tobacco use on a local and state level, educate their community about effects of substance use,  are leading a regional movement that focuses on positive mental health and coping strategies, and are working to change the culture around body positivity.

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