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SHAPE® listed Dietitians and Nutritionists provide compassionate care for anyone seeking nutritional support for any reason,  including disordered eating and medical nutrition therapy for chronic conditions. They use a weight-inclusive, NON-diet, and Health At Every Size® approach.

Dietitians & Nutritionists

Liz Fayrum.jpeg
Liz Fayram


Liz is a Pacific NW native, and found her roots nearly a decade ago here in Southern New England as a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and Intuitive Eating specialist in both Mass and Rhode Island. She is deeply passionate about the treatment of eating disorders, helping clients find full recovery, and deconstructing diet culture. All of this through the lens of Intuitive Eating®, self compassion, and Health at Every Size®.  While she works with the continuum of disordered eating concerns, she has a special interest in working with clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder & Bulimia Nervosa in the LGBTQIA community.

She understands that becoming more attuned with your body takes patience, practice, reflection, and a ton of aligned healers around you. That is why Liz values seeing her clients on a regular basis to connect about wellness goals and offers group support through her bimonthly Intuitive Eating® Group for Adults.  

In every session, she works to bring enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, warmth, and evidence-based practice into the nutrition counseling process. She practices a respect for all bodies model, to develop a supportive, sustainable nutrition path with each person. She is currently working in private practice in Providence, RI and accepts most insurance plans. And, starting in 2018, Liz will be providing body positive yoga & mindful eating workshops after completing her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training!

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Courtney B Huard


Courtney is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has been working in the field in RI for 15 years. Courtney began her career as a dietitian caring for infants, children, teenagers and supporting their families in the acute care, outpatient and home visiting environments. After several years of hard work, gaining much nutrition knowledge and experience and many months of self reflection it became clear that working in a wellness-based setting, where more time can be taken with her clients for communication, reflection, and support, was what Courtney felt she needed to flourish in her work. She then decided to open her own private practice to be able to make this happen!

Now, 5 years later, Courtney is happily and deeply immersed in her passion, which lies in teaching a non-diet approach to wellness (diets don't work!) using Intuitive Eating® HAES® princliples and evidenced based practice to support clients with eating disorders and disordered eating. Through her accepting, open, and enthusiastic practice, no matter what challenge that lies ahead of you, she is here to help empower you to heal and thrive.

Courtney provides nutrition counseling for children and adults in a comfortable, calm and safe atmosphere for all individuals who are seeking help in understanding more about nutrition and their relationship with food and their body. Courtney is working in private practice and has availability in Cumberland and Providence. Accepted insurances included: BCBS, United Healthcare, Neighborhood Healthcare, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, CIGNA.

Ashley Cronin Headshot_edited.jpg
Ashley Cronin

Growing up a picky eater who survived on every chicken nugget and tender she could find, Ashley never thought her path would lead her to a career in nutrition. Ashley knows that many clients worry that “all dietitians eat perfectly” and can feel hesitant to share their struggles believing they will be judged or that they should “know better”. Ashley works to remove shame from day one with clients and move them from the false pursuit of perfection, to finding a maintainable and enjoyable way to take care of themselves. Using a blend of compassion, humor, individualized care, and evidence-based recommendations, Ashley is grateful to support her clients as they take their journey to true wellness.

Ashley uses a Health At Every Size ® framework and intuitive eating approach to support individuals and families to eat with compassion and care. Ashley’s specialty areas include eating disorder recovery, non-diet approach to wellness, pediatrics (parent coaching for under age 13), body image support, and picky eating.

Shira Hirshberg

Shira's academic training is from Syracuse University and University of RI, and her clinical training was at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  In her private practice, she aims to support you in your nutrition, health and wellness goals using an evidence-based, individualized approach. Her work is informed by non-diet concepts and principles including Intuitive Eating®, mindful eating and Health at Every Size®. If you struggle with guilt and shame around your food choices, Shira can help you develop a better relationship with food. 

Shira specializes in digestive issues, and can help manage you symptoms from conditions including: IBS, reflux/GERD, constipation, diarrhea, celiac disease, bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Shira also specializes in women's health, and can help if you are thinking of starting a family and want more information about nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, or if you are dealing with hormonal changes around menopause.


With questions, send an email below or call 401-484-8172 or you can schedule right on Shira's website by scrolling down to the bottom of any page at She accepts most insurances.

Lindsay Baker

Lindsay is a practicing registered dietitian with 15 years experience. She is board certified both locally and nationally as a diabetes educator and works with clients with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. She is also a Certified Intuitive Eating counselor.  Lindsay uses an evidenced based, non-diet and Health At Every Size ® approach to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy and nutrition counseling to her clients in a safe and comfortable environment. This allows clients to work on health while exploring their current relationship with food, build trust with ones body, and work on a positive relationship to food and body for a more fulfilling life.

Throughout her career she has gravitated towards working with clients who are struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders and chronic dieting. These disorders often accompany other diagnosed health concerns such as diabetes. Lindsay works to support clients to improve health outcomes without causing harm.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science and completed her didactic dietetic internship at the University of Rhode Island. 

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Michelle Suriani


Throughout Michelle’s life, food has always been something to love and something to enjoy. From family parties, to watching cooking shows, to trying new restaurants - mealtimes were always cherished. As we grow older, the relationships we have with food and our bodies tend to become more complicated. 


For Michelle, being a dietitian means understanding how to nourish your body in a way that feels good for you. Nutrition is meant to be individualized and there is no one right (or wrong) way to eat. When food no longer holds moral value, it becomes possible to have a more enjoyable outlook on food!

Nutrition counseling that is HAES informed and provides an intuitive eating framework is a passion for Michelle. Michelle works to help her clients build a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. 


Michelle completed her undergraduate degree and Master of Science in Dietetics at University of Rhode Island and completed her dietetic internship through Sodexo Dietetic Internships at Southcoast Health. 

Cate Brennan

Cate completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Rhode Island and her dietetic internship through the University of Delaware.  Her work is informed by intuitive eating concepts and the principles of Health at Every Size®. Her goal is to help her clients develop a joyous, curious, and nourishing relationship with food. In her many years as a dietitian, Cate has worked with a range of clients, from newborn infants, to geriatric folks on hospice care. She has over five years’ experience in pediatric and family nutrition counseling and especially enjoys working with children struggling with picky eating and/or complex medical issues. No matter where you are in your life, Cate aims to offer an evidence-based, individualized approach to nutrition using a blend of compassion, humor, and embodied mindfulness.

Emily Tessier

From being raised in a Portuguese household, to participating in countless softball tournaments and sports endeavors, I grew up in a space where food was celebrated and shared among family and friends. After discovering the nutrition and dietetics career path, I knew I wanted to become a dietitian to help others find the same joy in food and movement.

I’ve worked with patients and clients in many different settings- from the ICU, to oncology clinics, to general outpatient nutrition. But no matter the setting, I’m always the most excited to help clients explore and heal their relationship with food, body, and exercise in a fun and evidenced-based way, while supporting their individual needs!

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Evolution Nutrition Counseling
Group Practice of Registered Dietitians

Evolution Nutrition is a group practice of Registered Dietitians in Rhode Island.  They are dedicated to providing medical nutrition therapy based on scientific evidence and are committed to giving unbiased, compassionate, and inclusive care.  Evolution Dietitians aim to provide nutrition therapy by centering their clients lived-experience and believing that all bodies are deserving of respectful care.


Evolution roots their care in Health At Every Size® (HAES®) principles, and they approach nutrition from a non-diet perspective. They are excited to have the ability to care for people who experience a variety of medical concerns, such as diabetes, heart disease, GI concerns, and more- all while maintaining the values of weight inclusive care.


They take most major insurances and see people of all ages.  

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