Medical Providers and Doctors

SHAPE® welcomes medical providers, doctors, surgeons, and other health professionals who understand the value of size-diversity and the effects of diet-culture & weight stimga on a body, mind, and spirit to join our resource collective.  Browse through the biographies below to find someone that work s for you.

SIze-Inclusive Health Care - Primary Care Providers
The Size-Inclusive Health Care Team focuses on the health and wellness of people of all sizes. They understand and address the impact weight stigma has on a person's physical and mental health. The Size-Inclusive Health Team provides high-quality patient-centered compassionate health care that values each person’s lived experience.  Together, patients and providers will move away from weight as a measure of health and towards body acceptance, all while creating new goals to enhance the health of any body size, shape, or weight.
To  schedule an appointment by phone call 401-767-4100 and request a Size-Inclusive Health provider
To learn more about Size-Inclusive Health Care please visit Thundermist's Size-inclusive Health Care webpage linked below.
For questions or support with Size-inclusive Health, contact the Size-inclusive Health Care manager below.

*Weight-stigma is the negative attitudes, actions, and assumptions about a person’s weight, shape, or size and can impact their mental, social, and physical health.   it is often described as weight bias, weight discrimination, weight-based bullying or teasing, body shaming, fat shaming, obesity bias, anti-fat, and more.